A Level Biology Year 1

The below links will take you directly to the specification as GryphonScience are far too old to keep printing stuff.

The following link:  2015 AS Specification

The following documents outline the specification on a chapter by chapter basis. You are expected to print them as you are taught each chapter and stick/staple them in your textbooks on the first page of each chapter.

Module 1: Development of practical skills in biology

1. Development of practical skills in biology

Module 2: Foundations in biology

2.1.1 Cell structure

2.1.2 Biological molecules

2.1.3 Nucleotides and nucleic acids

2.1.4 Enzymes

2.1.5 Biological membranes

2.1.6 Cell division, cell diversity and cellular organisation

Module 3: Exchange and transport

3.1.1 Exchange surfaces

3.1.2 Transport in animals

3.1.3 Transport in plants

Module 4: Biodiversity, evolution and disease

4.1.1 Communicable diseases, disease prevention and the immune system

4.2.1 Biodiversity

4.2.2 Classification and evolution


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