A Level Biology Year 2

The below links will take you directly to the specification as GryphonScience are far too old to keep printing stuff.

The following link for the entire specification:  h420-2015-a-spec

The following documents outline the specification on a chapter by chapter basis. You are expected to print, or have access to them as you are taught each chapter.

Module 5 Communication, Homeostasis and Energy

5.1.1 Communication and homeostasis

5.1.2 Excretion as an example of homeostatic control

5.1.3 Neuronal communication

5.1.4 Hormonal communication

5.1.5 Plant and animal responses

5.2.1 Photosynthesis

5.2.2 Respiration

Module 6 Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems

6.1.1 Cellular control






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