Fancy a bite?

The human muscle that can exert the most force is the masseter or jaw muscle. The maximum force of a human bite is about 2,500 N. In dogs it is about 6,900 N. Crocodiles have 16,550 N bite force! Pretty impressive.

Even so, others may bite back…

The A2 Biology textbook required for AS students currently moving on to A2.

ocr a2

Book Description

Publication Date: 9 Dec 2008 | ISBN-10: 0435691902 | ISBN-13: 978-0435691905 | Edition: 1

Produced in partnership with OCR for the 2008 OCR A Level Biology specification, this Student Book offers accessible and engaging material, and focus on the integration of How Science Works to help students understand the underlying principles of science.

  • OCR Biology terminology is used throughout to ensure students are acquainted with the type of vocabulary used in the exams.
  • Structured in line with the OCR specification with exciting content presented as double page spreads to help students easily assimilate and locate information.
  • Stretch and Challenge sections throughout the book support this part of the specification.
  • Plenty of worked examples and exam-style questions demonstrate how to approach complex questions.
  • Contains learning objectives within the spreads, taken from the specification, as well as questions to test understanding and knowledge.
  • FREE Exam Café CD-ROM, containing an array of student-friendly study, revision and exam preparation tools to support students and enable them to prepare thoroughly for their exams.



“We can do science, and with it, we can improve our lives…” Carl Sagan


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